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About Our Chapel Community

We are the Episcopal Church Center at the University of Miami, located on campus right by the main entrance to the campus.  As such, we have a dual identity:  college chapel and parish-like church.

As a college chapel we fall within the Division of Student Affairs at the University of Miami.  We are here to serve the entire UM community:  students, faculty, and staff.  As a local congregation we reflect the diversity of the community:  we are young, middle-aged, and old, single, families with young children, white (called “Anglos” in Miami), Black (mostly Caribbean), and a few Latinos.

Our Sunday morning services have the feel of a fairly typical Episcopal small parish church.  Our Sunday evening service has more the feel of a college chapel.

The UM/Canterbury Preschool, serving the University of Miami community, is located on our site.  The Preschool has 92 children from age 3 months through 4 years