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Worship in the Episcopal Church centers around the celebration of the Holy Eucharist  (Communion service).  Eucharist is a Greek word meaning “thanksgiving”; our worship is primarily a means of of thanking God for all that God has done. In particular we thank God for loving us so that God became one of us in the person of Jesus of Nazareth; as such, the eternal God has condescended to share with us our humanity, including our mortality.  The Resurrection of Jesus is not just a “Jesus thing”; rather it is God’s revelation to us of the promise of resurrection after death, of life lived eternally with God. 

Besides the celebration of the Eucharist, from time to time we have other services, such as Lessons & Carols at Christmastime..

Communion is actually the second of the two main movements of our worship service.  The first part of the service focuses on the Word, i.e., God’s revelation to us through the Holy Scriptures and (hopefully) through the sermon expounding those Scriptures.  In other words, our worship is a balance of Word and Sacrament.  The Eucharistic liturgy of the Episcopal Church is very similar to the worship common in the Lutheran and Roman Catholic Churches.

The Holy Eucharist commemorates and celebrates the events of Jesus’ Last Supper, his Crucifixion, and his Resurrection.  The bread and wine become for us the Body and Blood of Christ.  The God who became Incarnate (enfleshed) in the person of Jesus Christ continues to be tangibly present to us through the Eucharistic bread and wine of Communion.  There are no strangers at the Lord’s table.