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The chapel at the Episcopal Church Center is called the Chapel of the Venerable Bede.  The Chapel was named for Bede, an English scholar and monk who lived from 673 A.D. - 735 A.D.  He wrote over fifty books, the most famous of which is his Ecclesiastical History of the English People, which earned him the title "Father of English History."  In his histories he utilized a system of dating that had been developed by an Irish bishop some 200 years before but had been largely ignored.  This dating system is the common calendar which we use today, with B.C. marking the years prior to the birth of Christ and A.D. (Anno Deo: Year of Our Lord) marking the years after the birth of Christ.  It was Bede who popularized the calendar we use today.  In a way, then, Bede is at least partly responsible for the fact that we call this year 2010.  (Incidentally, the calendar is probably off by 4-6 years, and by today's best scholarly reckoning, Jesus was born sometime between 6 B.C. and 4 B.C., with the majority favoring a date of 4 B.C.)

Bede was evidently considered by his contemporaries to be a venerable personage, so on his tombstone was inscribed "Here lies Bede the Venerable."  The title stuck, hence most churches named for him are called Church of the Venerable Bede rather than Church of St. Bede.